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Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards Book
Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards
Book by Joshua Jay - From $18.00

Yes! It's confirmed. Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards, our cofounder's mass-market paperback, has been released. The book is an anything, everything celebration of playing cards: tricks, shuffles, scams, and hustles, as well as the history, trivia, lore, and art of playing cards. Joshua...

Card College Lightest Book
Card College Lightest
Book by Roberto Giobbi - $35.00

The last of the Card College Light trilogy (which is lucky because I think they've run out of catchy "light" titles), Card College Lightest is a collection of easy card magic given the Roberto Giobbi treatment. If you've been in magic for a period, it's easy to dismiss this...

Transporter Trick
Trick by Joshua Jay - $29.95

It’s here. If you read the message boards, you’ve heard about Joshua Jay’s Transporter: A NO PALM SIGNED CARD TO ANY WALLET! A complete sellout on his recent European lecture tour, Vanishing Inc is proud to offer Transporter first. An amazing trick at an amazing price: just 29 bucks for...

Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Book
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks
Book by Steve Beam - Various prices

  Calling on his 15 years editing the underground sleight of hand journal The Trapdoor, Steve Beam seamlessly blends diabolical methods with humorous presentations proving that it is possible to captivate an audience with easy to master card tricks. Semi-Automatic Card Tricks...

MAGIC: The Complete Course Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive MAGIC: The Complete Course
Book by Joshua Jay - $25.00

We all got into magic in different ways and for different reasons. And when we reflect back on our paths to magic, it’s easy to second-guess what we should started with, or what we could have done differently. There’s that voice in all of us that echoes, If I could go back then, knowing what I...

Cardtoon Trick
Trick by Dan Harlan - $15.00

This is one of the best selling card tricks of all time. If you've never seen it, you're in for a treat! In effect, a spectator names any card. You then show that each card in your deck has a little stick-figure magician drawn on it. As the magician flicks through the cards, the drawings...

Close Up - The Real Secrets of Magic  Book
Close Up - The Real Secrets of Magic
Book by David Stone - $29.95

Do you want to start performing magic in a professional environment? Do you want to start getting some gigs, or perhaps raise your game at the gigs that you already work? Then, David Stone's book may have the answers for you. There are no tricks in this book: instead it's a manual...

B'Wave Trick
Trick by Phil Goldstein - $12.00

This is one of the greatest packet tricks of all time. It has amazed audiences all over the world for well over a decade. Now is the time to add it to your repertoire as you'll never find a stronger trick that utilizes just four cards.The performer holds four cards and asks someone to...

Strong Magic Book
Strong Magic
Book by Darwin Ortiz - $49.95

This magic book will make you question everything you think about magic. Let us say that again: this magic book will make you question everything you think about magic. We’re not saying you’ll agree with everything in this book—something would be wrong if you agreed with everything in ANY book...

Card College Volumes 1 - 5 Book
Card College Volumes 1 - 5
Book by Roberto Giobbi - $40.00 each

When people tell us they are serious about card magic and want to know what books they should buy, we always tell them the same thing: “Get Card College.” That’s not to say that this acclaimed series is just for beginners. It’s not. It’s an excellent, cumulative course in handling a pack of...

Invisible Deck Trick
Invisible Deck
Trick by Eddie Fields - $7.50

Get ready to spend the best $7.50 of your life. The Invisible Deck features in the repertoire of almost every professional close-up magician I know. It's a gimmicked deck that allows you to reveal that any named card is the only card face down in the deck. Given that the deck is so...

Card College Light Book
Card College Light
Book by Roberto Giobbi - $35.00

This is the first of two books in the "Light" series. It's a collection of card tricks that require absolutely no sleight of hand. Instead they rely in clever structure, subtleties and routining. The 21 tricks have been compiled into complete routines, each lasting around ten...

Card College Lighter Book
Card College Lighter
Book by Roberto Giobbi - $35.00

Roberto Giobbi's wrote five classic card magic tuition books ... then he published some easy card magic. Essentially, what Giobbi has done here is tweaked, routined and given presentations for 21 slightless card tricks from magicians such as Dai Vernon, Theodore Annemann, Al Leech, Max Maven,...

Royal Road to Card Magic Book
Royal Road to Card Magic
Book by Hugard & Braue - $15.95

Your first magic book is a treat. It opens your eyes to a world never before seen. A world of tricks, secret sleight of hand and clever methods that are easier to achieve that you had originally imagined.Most people recommend that Royal Road to Card Magic be your first magic book. We don't. For the...