3 Card Monte 2000

Trick by Henry Evans
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3 Card Monte 2000

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Trick by Henry Evans ($30.00)

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3 Card Monte 2000 - magic

Henry Evans is known for two things: creating some amazing magic and sounding like Super Mario.

3 Card Monte 2000 is one of his more famous creations. The magician displays one "winner card" along with two others, two Eight of Hearts cards, for example. The magician asks a spectator to try and follow the Ace. All three cards are turned face down and one of the Eights is even clearly shown and set aside to better the spectator's chances. Now there are only two cards-there's a 50/50 chance the spectator will find the Ace! The cards are mixed, but no matter what card the spectator chooses they can't find the ace because somehow it magically changed places with the Eight that was set aside at the beginning! Everything may then be fully examined.

It's not suitable for walkaround performances, but will fit very well in a formal close-up show, a house show or anything at that nature. Watch the video; it'll fool you!


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Richard Tuckerman

Three card monte is one of the STRONGEST possible effects. I do MANY versions, but in the right conditions, NONE is stronger than this. This isn't for walk around. You wouldn't do it if surrounded, but in formal close up conditions, you'll achieve the IMPOSSIBLE!