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52 Memories - magic

"Buy this one soon. You will kick yourself if the book goes out of print and you failed to make a memory while you have a chance."
--Peter Duffie, MAGIC Magazine review

Many magic books can be trivialized. They are after all, just a collection of tricks.

But, 52 Memories is more than that. It is the legacy of one of the most promising card magic creators of our time. 52 Memories is one of those rare magic books that pass on the most fruitful creations from a lifetime of tinkering, experimenting and performing. It is an important book that shares the late Jack Parker's lifelong mission to create the most amazing miracles ever decoded from a single deck of fifty-two.

While a number of the tricks in 52 Memories have seen print before, some are taught here for the first time. All have been completely re-written, most with new ideas and finesses explained for the first time and some even with completely different handlings. This is Jack Parker's magic as Jack wished it to be remembered and the end result is a legacy that promises to inspire every student of magic.

With fifty-two items, 240 large size pages and a full-colour photograph section, you are invited into a one-time tour of Jack Parker's life in magic. The attractive two-colour printed pages in 52 Memories sit between thick hard backed covers, and contain all the elegance to sit alongside your most prized books on magic.

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Customer reviews for 52 Memories

Jeffrey Tong

Useful. I chose that word to describe this book because almost everything in here I actually USE in my repertoire. I buy many books and in the end, only one or two tricks are actually useful of which I learn. In 52 Memories, after I read the Effect, I immediately become interested and learn the method. Jack Parker is an amazing magician and the magic world should be deeply saddened by his departure. All in all, I know who ever is reading this doesn't really care about my opinion, so just buy the book and read it for yourself.

Jeffrey Tong.

P.S. Have you guys noticed that 52 actually forms somewhat of a heart?


Keith Breen

Most certainly one of the best dedicated books on card magic. Jack Parker's methods
applied to familiar and new themes are simply the BEST.

You can ask how I know this, well it's simple & it's not that 20+ years with a deck that
this opinion comes, but it's seeing how many new names to card magic are applying
Jack Parker's brilliant technique(s), subtlty, and excellence. I'd name a few but...

Oh, & lets not forget that the magic is kickin to say the least... In your face shockers to
mello twists on classics. Oh! Did I mention "commercial" also? That's a given...

I own 'mega' books, this one, by comparison is fairly new, yet unlike the other books
it doesn't look new, a testament unto itself...



Fritz with a Z

There are a couple of reasons why I really like 52 Memories: new sleights are introduced, the book provokes to take a closer look at your own stucture in card magic and there are clever twists on classic plots. Do you like packet tricks? It’s got ‘em! Or do you prefer magic with a full deck? That’s is also included! You want to fool your friends at the magic club? Yes, these are also provided!

The described routines are all structured very well, entertaining, and most importantly it is superbly written. Furthermore, I feel that some of Mr. Parker’s sleights need to be further explored. Although most of the material are cards, there is a chapter that utilizes coins in conjuncting with cards as well.

A couple of routine that I really enjoyed are ‘I Know Kung Fu’ (a sandwich effect), ‘U.D.S.I’ (a weird transposition), ‘All that Jazz’ (an assembly routine), ‘Remix’ (another assembly), ‘On, In & Under’ (an interesting effect utilizing just seven cards), and ‘Visualisation’ (a variation of the previous effect).

One might be hesitant to buy the book, due to the price, but there is so much stuff in there you will be quite busy reading, practicing, and performing the routines.

Seriously, why are you still reading this review? Buy it before it gets out of print!