52 Shades of Red - Version 2 (Gimmicks Included)

DVD by Shin Lim
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52 Shades of Red - Version 2 (Gimmicks Included)

69.95 usd

DVD by Shin Lim ($69.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
52 Shades of Red - Version 2 (Gimmicks Included) - magic

Two years ago Shin Lim released 52 Shades of Red. Magicians were captured by how magical, impossible and elegant the routine looked and it has since become incredibly popular.

52 Shades of Red - Version 2 is the anticipated follow-on to the original routine and as we hoped, it is even better than it's predecessor!


Gaffed deck and gimmicks: A fully gaffed deck (some assembly required) and extra gimmicks needed to perform the full 52SOR routines and effects.

Instructional Streaming tutorial: Over 3 hours of intense teaching! Shin goes over his entire act in great detail and teaches you every move, method and nuance that goes into his live performance... The priceless information included in this package has been tested through hundreds of performances worldwide.

Bonus Effects: Shin also goes over all the effects seen in the official 52 shades trailer. Though these are "bonus" effects, these effects alone are worth the price of the DVD.  

Misprint: This idea allows you to show what appears to be a misprinted card and in an instant(under your complete control) you cause the card to warp back to its normal self.

Small to Big: The magician shows a miniature deck of cards, and in an instant it vanishes and all you're holding in your hand is a regular single playing card (an idea contributed by Chris Severson)

Multiple Change: Change the backs of a single playing card in the open 4 times. Its quick, fast, bold, and insanely visual.

Multiple cards vanish: Cause a packet of cards to either turn into just a single card or vanish altogether.

Picasso: An idea by both Tom Elderfield and Shin Lim, the magician is able to slowly paint the back of a playing card, bit by bit. Everything is done in the open and there are no angle issues.

Box Color change 2.0: A very angle proof and practical box color change (an idea contributed by Nevin Sanchez)

Flap Cards: Shin Lim personally teaches you his take on the flap cards, and how he believes it's an improved version from the classic flap cards.

Get ready to go on a journey that will change your technique, thinking, and philosophy on card magic. Explore your own path of card routining with the Second Edition of 52 Shades of Red.

Shin Lim has performed his 52 Shades Routine all over the globe. He closed "The Illusionist" Broadway show with it as well. Dynamo also uses 52 Shades of Red to open his stage show.

Shin Lim's card magic is so stunningly visual it looks like CGI special effects. His magic is fresh and inspiring. 52 shades of red is the best routine there is.Dynamo
Shin is a true master of deception. He's filled with poetry and elegance in every movement. I love him. Lennart Green

NOTE: Television rights for Shin Lim's 52 Shades of Red / 52V2 / 52SOR routine are not included in this package. For Television rights please contact Shin Lim's management.

Television rights for Shin Lim's bonus effects ARE included in this package.

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Customer reviews for 52 Shades of Red - Version 2 (Gimmicks Included)

Lance Martin

If you are a move monkey than this product is not for you. The bulk of the explanation part is on how to actually make the gimmicks. The moves are definitely secondary. Moreover I am saddened to see how DVDs have gone away. Personally I don't want my instructions only available through a web site. A good way to save money and to hell with the customer. I am sorry I made this purchase and cannot imagine anyone who is not going to perform a Sin Lim type act doing anything with it.
Aside from some good advise on misdirection and general magic this is a real waste for me. I am sure there are thousands of people who are going to run out and buy this and never perform it.


Samuel Gaitan

52 Shades of Red is awesome, I missed the opportunity to own the 1st version and once this got reprinted I had to get. I saw him perform it on Penn and Teller Fool Us and I was blown away. You get everything you need to perform this amazing routine, I created my own version of this routine and when I performed it at a birthday party everyone went crazy and were blown away. I highly recommend this trick to everyone.