Awe Struck

Trick by Adam Elbaum
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Awe Struck

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Trick by Adam Elbaum ($49.95)

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Awe Struck - magic
"Practical, powerful and straight forward. A cleverly layered piece of mentalism ideal for a close-up performer. Highly recommended." Kostya

"AWE Struck" is pure and staggeringly strong. This is EXACTLY what happens, with no exaggeration: someone thinks of ANY card (no equivoke or forces). You remove your wallet and inside, clearly displayed, is a hand-written note predicting the thought-of card. The wallet contains just one prediction and you can fairly show that it is a normal wallet.

Adam Elbaum has created a sensational and offbeat approach to this simple yet strong mentalism plot. They name any card and you clearly show that you predicted it in advance, written on a piece of paper isolated in your wallet.

We even include Asi Wind's smart addition that allows you to predict two named cards.

The beautiful gimmicked leather wallet included with "AWE Struck" is custom-made for this effect, but also designed to be your every-day wallet.

  • Includes everything you need
  • Beautifully packaged with 1.5 hour DVD
  • Multiple versions and handlings taught, including Asi Wind's version
"This trick is evidence to how smart, devious, and detail oriented Adam is." Asi Wind
"AWE Struck is easily the best trick to hit the marketplace in a LONG time. My mind is already filling with so many different ways I can use it. This will be the trick everyone is talking about." Dan Hauss
"Elbaum has a non-stop mind for powerful magic. He puts his ideas through the ringer, trimming the fat, squeezing every ounce of impact possible, leaving nothing but a lean, clean, strong effect sure to leave your audience dumbfounded ... and AWE struck!" Derek Hughes
"Being married to Josh I am exposed to lots of magic, and am very picky about what I like. Adam's trick AWE Struck really stood out to me. I love everything about it." Anna Jay

Customer reviews for Awe Struck

Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the June 2016 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by Francis Menotti

I spend long hours trying to limit the required preparation in my roIf ever the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applied to magic tricks, it would most often do so for time-tested classics. Such is not the case with Adam Elbaum’s new twist on Card in Wallet, A.W.E.struck. This is a unique approach to the effect that dances past the audience’s possible presumption of sleights and makes it more of a mentalism-style effect than a card to impossible location.

For the worker or serious amateur looking for a strong piece of card magic with the feel of mentalism, A.W.E.struck might leave your audiences just what the name implies.