DVD & props by Craig Petty
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DVD & props by Craig Petty ($35.00)

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Blank - magic

Craig Petty is a busy working magician from the United Kingdom. He has a large collection of original magic and we are pleased to recommend this DVD to you.

If you hadn't already guessed by the title, Blank is a collection of tricks that utilize blank cards in some capacity (from packet tricks to full deck routines). You receive the necessary cards with the DVD to perform all 10 tricks. For me, the highlights were:

Misprint - Four cards blank on both sides become printed in slow motion. First the back print one by one and then the faces. At the end of the routine the cards become blank again and then vanish into nothing.

Face Off - Two signed cards fuse together into one card whilst in the spectator's hands.

The Spade Trick - A signed card is lost in the deck. A double-blank card prints front and back to match the spectator's card.

Mystique - A signed card gets replicated four times until the magician has four duplicates of the signed card. To end the magician proves that everything was an illusion and the signed card has been in his pocket from the beginning.

This is an opportunity to see Craig perform in his natural environment and to learn some of his magic. If you like his work, you should also check out his coin magic DVDs, which we also stock.

Running Time Approximately 2hrs

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