Box Pad

DVD by Gary Jones and Chris Congreave ($30.00)

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This can be a really interesting opener in a restaurant environment.

Holding a small note pad you approach a group of people, or an individual. You then ask them if they are ready to place their order. If they say "No", you then say "That's ok, how about a card trick instead?" The note pad turns into a card box. You then follow by opening the card box and taking the cards out to perform a card trick.

  • No sleight of hand needed
  • Custom made gimmick supplied
  • Comes with DVD with full explanations

NOTE: You supply your own pack of cards

Available in Red or Blue 

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Customer reviews for Box Pad

Tom Cutts

The instant I saw this, an image flashed in my mind. This is a perfect new way to introduce an Invisible Deck. You tell your spectator you are going to send them a thought. You go through the standard ID card selection process to get them to think of just one card.

You extend the pad and start to ask them to write their card down, but then you stop and say, "Wait, we don't need the pad." As you look at it the pad turns into a box of cards. "That's interesting, what was your card?"

Follow your favorite ID reveal procedure. The thought they received is the only card turned over.