Trick by Mark Elsdon ($19.95)

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Mark Elsdon finally releases his incredible 'Four Card Brainwave' effect! Previously shared only with those on his exclusive one day courses, this super-strong version of Max Maven's seminal plot can now be yours!

You ask a spectator to imagine four cards in an envelope. They make various choices - every step of the way, they are in control of what happens to the four cards - and amazingly, their chosen card is the only one reversed in the envelope! But there's more! You then reveal that the named card also has a different colored back to the other three! There's still more! You then destroy their minds completely by showing that the other three cards are actually BLANK!

The reactions are CRAZY!

  • Perfect 'carry everywhere' mentalism!
  • No gimmicks!
  • Easy to do!
  • 100% examinable!

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Quentin Green

BVoque is fantastic! Mark is fantastic! I feel fantastic telling you about how fantastic it is!