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B'Wave - magic

This is one of the greatest packet tricks of all time. It has amazed audiences all over the world for well over a decade. Now is the time to add it to your repertoire as you'll never find a stronger trick that utilizes just four cards.

The performer holds four cards and asks someone to name any queen. The four cards are cleanly spread on the table — the only face-up card is the chosen queen! Then you turn it over — its back is a different color from the other cards! 

As final proof that you knew positively which queen would be named, you turn over the other three cards — they are all blank! 

We hate saying this kind of stuff, because it makes us sound like normal magic dealers, but there really are no sleights, no rough and smooth, no extra cards or anything like that. B'Wave just uses four cards to create some great mind-boggling magic!

So, pick up this and B'Wave goodbye to rubbish packet tricks! Wow - that made us sound even worse than the normal magic dealers! Sorry.

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Customer reviews for B'Wave

Dr. Joaquin Ayala

This is one of those little packet effects (as despised packet effects are these days) that are a must have. Eugene Burger says that everyone should have and perform this (now) classic that is B'Wave, and I quite agree.

It is simple, direct and very powerful - I have always certainly gotten the best reactions with it over the years. You can present it in so many different ways to suit your needs that its potential is limited only by your imagination.


Marion Boykin

I have carried several packet tricks with me over the years, and as time has gone by, B'Wave has outlasted all of them and is just about the only one still with me. I still like to do a few others now and again, but B'Wave is just so perfect an effect, that it helps to make a decent coin man like myself, appear to be pretty darn good card guy as well. :)

It's not difficult to do, mostly just good presentation and you got yourself an effect that specs will always remember. It's quite amazing and indeed an absolute classic little piece of mentalism done with cards. It's one of those little effects that really is all you need. Highly Recommended. -Mb


Quentin Green

It's a classic! I say classic but it still stands the test of time! Every time it kills!


I am just getting into magic and was looking for a powerful effect I could do right away. This fit the bill perfectly. Everyone I have performed it for has loved it. The best part is that they think the trick is over and then you turn the card over, then turn the other cards over. I can see their faces going from "That's cool." to "That was amazing!" Highly recommended.


Neal Daugherty

Jumbo B'wave is a regular part of most of my stand-up shows. It's a reliable trick that always looks "killer"!