Clipped Scam

DVD by Luis Carreon
$15.00 Possibly discontinued.
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Clipped Scam

15.00 usd

DVD by Luis Carreon ($15.00)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Clipped Scam - magic

In Clipped Scam, the magician tells about an old game called the Three Card Monte, and explains it briefly. He claims that his version affords the players a better chance of winning because he uses two blank cards, a regular card and a paperclip to prevent cheating.

He lets the spectator hold the winning card, but manages to switch it for one of the blank cards. The magician then improves their odds by getting rid of one blank card and places a paperclip on the winning card. Even when the spectator notices something "fishy" and tries to outsmart the magician, he soon finds that both of the cards are now blank. The winning card has magically traveled to the magician's pocket.

Comes with the cards needed to perform the trick and DVD instructions that teach you both a basic and a sligthly more advanced handling. The DVD also has instructions in Spanish. 

Este DVD contiene las cartas necesarias para demostrar el truco, y viene con instrucciones en Espanol e Ingles.


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