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A new, unique version of the amazing classic, Sympathetic Cards. From a borrowed deck, remove ten cards that you'll use for your prediction, and isolate them in a glass covered by a silk. You'll keep them covered until the end of the routine.

From another deck, you ask a spectator to randomly select ten cards face up and to shuffe them thoroughly. They are placed in another glass and covered by a silk, as was done previously with your prediction.

Now imagine...

Without any manipulation, you remove the silks and the first card of each packet perfectly match each other! The coincidence is crazy... every single card in each glass is removed one by one by the magician or the spectator. The content of the two glasses is a perfect match! Same cards, same order. No places for coincidences, it's just impossible.

The spectator can examine the cards, the decks. And there's no manipulationm and everything appears normal. It's truly a miracle!

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