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Dave 2 - magic

This is the sequel to Sleight of Dave, and here we’ll just point out something very important about David Williamson. He’s known for his zany comedy, which can sometimes outshine his magic. But in these early DVDs you get a very clear glimpse at both the technical precision we works in (he has one of the finest touches with a pack of cards and coins you will EVER see) and his creative genius. These are “must have” DVDs that you’ll be PROUD to display on your shelf, and eager to watch over and over again.

- Dave's Spoon Routine: a great table side opener?
- Saline Solution: A vanish and reappearance of a quantity of salt
- Whirly Bird Silk Vanish: A novel vanish using a magic wand
- Ring & Rope: A staple of Dave's act for many years?
- 51 Cards to Pocket: an easy, hilarious stand up card routine
- Pencil Through Quarter: Dave's handling of Michael Ammar's terrific routine?
- Easy Aces: Dave's take on a classic method of a classic plot
- Floating Matrix: who needs another coin assembly? You do!?
- Bonus Footage: Dave still on the loose in Portugal!

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Bart Rogers

I am such a big fan of David Williamson and Dave 1 and Dave 2 are full of amazing magic!