25.00 usd

Trick by Alex Elmsley ($25.00)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Dazzle - magic

Alex Elmsley's Dazzle is probably the greatest packet trick of all time.

Five red-backed jokers are shown. One of them is set aside, and replaced with a blue-backed joker. The other red-backed jokers magically change color to match the blue stranger. One of the blue-backed jokers is removed and replaced with an orange-backed joker; the other jokers in the packet turn orange as well. This process is continued, as the packet of jokers is caused to go through a bewildering number of color changes, from orange to yellow to green, etc., finally culminating with a change to nothing but faces on all sides, leaving a packet of five double-faced jokers!

If you purchase this packet trick, we urge you to also watch Alex Elmsley's Lake Tahoe Sessions #1, to be fooled by Elmsley's performance.


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