Duel Match

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Duel Match - magic

The Magician places an envelope on the table explaining that it contains a prediction card. Next a deck of cards is freely shown to have different faces and back designs. With the cards spread face down, a spectator freely selects one which is then placed face down on the table. Next the deck is spread face up and a second card is selected and placed face up next to the first chosen card.

The prediction card is removed from the envelope and shown back and front. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to match either of the selections - perhaps the trick has gone wrong! The Magician explains that since he was able to see the cards being selected, he was really trying to predict the other side of each card. The two selected cards are then turned over to show a 'perfect match'

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Brian Musiker

Very disappointed that the "prediction card" is a normal blue backed Bicycle card. The affect would be much stronger in my opinion if the prediction was not such an obvious choice.
I will now have to purchase two special backed decks so I can change the reveal and have a duplicate to put in the prediction envelope. Sorry, this is not a deck to be used by professionals!