EUREKA - The Ultimate ACAAN

DVD by Roberto Mansilla ($29.95)

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"Roberto has not only successfully stalked the Berglas's Effect, he has captured it. I still favor it among others floating around new."
- Jon Racherbaumer

"This is the version that you'll add to your repertoire. Completely impossible for the audience, perfectly practical for the magician."
- Jim Steinmeyer

"Roberto Mansilla's magic is intelligent and captivating, and so is his personal version of ACAAN. I like it, and you will, too."
- Roberto Giobbi

  • Use ordinary deck
  • No deck switches
  • No Mnemonics
  • The spectator shuffles themselves the card
  • Any card and any number can be chosen
DVD with full explanations, comments and variations.

Running Time Approximately: 1hr
Languages: Spanish / English (OverDubbing)

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Customer reviews for EUREKA - The Ultimate ACAAN

Richard Tuckerman

All ACAAN effects have plusses and minuses. On the plus side, this version allows the spectators to shuffle, permits a completely free choice of card and, with only occasional fudging, allows a genuinely free choice of number, On the down side, the cards are dealt by the magician and are dealt face down. On the upside of the down side, the counting is clean — each card is clearly dealt from the top of the deck. The trick demands only the most modest of card handling skills.