Trick by Peter Nardi
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Trick by Peter Nardi ($100.00)

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Extractor - magic

"The Extractor is one of the most incredible devices that I have ever seen in card magic." - David Blaine

If a trick has a quote by David Blaine, it must be good, right?! Well, not necessarily, but in this case - yes!

Peter Nardi first performed Extractor for me a couple of years ago, while him and Rob Bromley were working on it. To be blunt, it fooled the shit out of me! In effect, I selected and signed a card and placed it back into the deck myself. Peter then placed the cased deck into his pocket and then immediately removed it from another pocket. It was incredibly clean and completely fooled me.

That trick is just one of many that you can perform using this gimmick. In essence, the gimmick allows you to cleanly steal out a card that a participant just squarely place a card inside the card box. The gimmick is hidden in full view and is so clever that you'll be playing around with it for hours.

The gimmick comes with a DVD full of tips and effects by Peter Nardi, Mark Elsdon, Gary Jones, Chris Harding and Chris Congreave. There are lots of great ideas for a wide array of effects that will inspire you to find many ways to use the Extractor.

People often say that they can replicate any gimmick using sleight of hand. This one defies that statement - the Extractor is the kind of thing that is impossible with sleight of hand. So, if you want to open up a new array of ideas, be sure to pick this one up!

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