French Connexion

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DVD by James Chadier ($35.00)

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French Connexion - magic

I usually never buy items I've never heard of before, but this was an exception. I saw a trailer for this DVD at a convention, and I was really amazed by the production and not to mention the magic!

James Chadier is a friend of French genius Mathieu Bich, and this DVD is jam-packed with refreshing material that fooled me badly.

One specific item that caught my eye, was a rubber band penetration that looked totally impossible. Imagine two strings of rubber band crossing each other, and the top strand seemingly jumps through the lower one. I was surprised at just how easy the effect was to do, considering how good it looks.

This DVD has more than 20 items, plus a bonus section that contains extra tips and applications. There is also a real-time creativity session, where the camera was left on while Mr. Chadier was brainstorming on a new routine which is then presented.

I also enjoyed how some items were taught; a simulated x-ray view that made several routines really easy to follow.


Customer reviews for French Connexion


I have to confess that I rarely buy french product, wich could be a paradox when you know that I'm french. But the previous looked good and I get it...
I'm so not disapointed with this DVD! It's fresh and full of nice ideas, and realized without a french, no english, just visual explanations well done made to follow.
He's got a very interesting impromptu "Matrix" with borrowed object...keys, cell phone...wich works with every little objects (even coins of course) and it looks very nice! It fooled me badly:)
One of the best new prdoduct on the french market, and I think it deserve its place on this page! I think you wont regret if you take it!