Hyper Transpo

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Trick by Stephane Lemelin ($25.00)

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Hyper Transpo - magic

The Bad-Voodoo, Cool Dude, Sweet-As-Honey Card Miracle!

A card is freely chosen from a red-backed deck, then changes places instantly with its duplicate from a cased blue-backed deck!

An utterly impossible, totally mind-boggling transposition that fools both magicians and laymen alike! Both decks are handled so freely, it just doesn't seem possible!

Easy to do, and very, very clever! This was one of the hits of Stephane's competition act at the 1998 Magie Montreal convention! Comes with an ingenious new gimmicked deck, carefully prepared by hand, and a photo-illustrated 12-page instruction booklet written by David Acer.

Just throw in your own regular red or blue-backed Bicycle deck and you're all set to perform a close-up, walkaround miracle!

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