Jennings '67

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Jennings '67 - magic

This book has a somewhat historic value to me, since it not only goes over the workings of sleights and effects, but also covers the history and various handlings. Richard Kaufman also has a small essay on what has become generally known as the Convincing Control, discussing the move's history and independent creators. Jennings' handling of the move is explained it great detail, as well.

One chapter is called Evolution of a Classic Routine: "Invisible Palm Aces". The chapter discusses several versions of Jennings' classic Open Travelers plot, and you get to see how it evolved over time.

Similar chapters are dedicated to The Princess Card Trick, The Ace Assembly and Twisting the Aces.

Jennings was always looking for a clear and streamlined effect, and you will see how he strives for that goal throughout this book.

Not only was Larry Jennings a great thinker; he was also an extraordinary technician. The chapter "Some Tools" has some really wonderful sleights, that I got much joy from. The Circle Shift and The Bevel Top Palm are among my highlights from this chapter.

There is also some more or less self-working magic in the book, and you will most certainly find several things of use — I know I did.


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