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Know-Book is the latest ingenious creation from Himitsu Magic. A sure-fire, solid mentalism effect that is sure to leave your spectators in total disbelief!

The effect is as follows. You hand your spectator a deck of cards, which they can freely shuffle using any method they like. They then select any card at random from the deck and place it to one side. You then take what looks like an innocent paper pad and write down the name of a playing card. You tear off the prediction and place it next to the spectator's card. When they turn their card over, it's a 100% match!

Know-Book is an ingenious gimmicked notebook that allows you to see what others do not. By looking at the back of a playing card through the notebook's cover, the value of the card is clearly seen. Think of it like x-ray vision for cards!

  • Spectator can use ANY shuffle
  • No forcing required
  • 100% correct, every time
  • You never touch the deck

The above is just one example of a presentation. With this ingenious gimmick the possibilities are endless, allowing you to create mentalism masterpieces, limited only by your imagination.

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