Let's Go Dutch

DVD by Fritz Alkemade
$29.99 Possibly discontinued.
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Let's Go Dutch

29.99 usd

DVD by Fritz Alkemade ($29.99)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Let's Go Dutch - magic

"Let's go Dutch" is Fritz (with a Z) Alkemade's current working card magic repertoire. Featuring an amazing collection of practical card effects, that were designed for performing in the real world. Now you can learn these routines that will astonish your audience!

Boxing Day: A Card Under/In Box routine filled with many magical moments. An entire act on it's own, this is one of Fritz' favourite routines to perform!

Another Ambitious: Fritz' handling of a classic in card magic. A signed card comes to the top several times. Then the selection flies everywhere and eventually the cards change into a block of glass!

Y.A.M.S.M.A.T: This effect was specifically designed to answer the question: "Can you show me a trick?" Cards change, appear, and disappear in this worker routine.

It's a Four-King Production: One at a time, the Kings magically appear, but not in a normal fashion...

Roppongi Revelation: A selected card is revealed by the aid of four Kings in a surprising way!

Boxed Musketeers: Fritz's take on the popular four-for-one transposition.

Wallace's Opener & Tokyo Transpo: The opening effect that Fritz did every night for four weeks when he was performing in Japan. Easy and practical.

The Ace Team: Hannibal would've loved that this four card production comes together. I pity the fool who doesn't.

A Mouthful: A playing card repeatedly goes to the performer's mouth with a surprise ending!

Just in Time 2.0: Joshua Jay said "it's an effect I immediately want to learn for my professional use" and now you can too.

Multiple Selection and Revelation Routine: Nine cards are selected, returned, and revealed in a progressively impressive manner, combined with a logical finish. Fritz teaches you his opening sequence, the control of the selections, the revelations, and how he makes the routine full circle. This routine is a true reputation maker!

Euroutine: A coin routine where a coin vanishes, appears, penetrates, and transforms. Powerful magic that'll amaze your audience!

Running Time Approximately: 2hr 30min


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Thoroughly enjoyed watching Fritz's magic. There was nothing too challenging and the explanations were very good. "Just in Time 2.0" is top notch and I shall certainly be using it in the future. Nice to see a Dutch magician for a change as well.
Thank you for the quick response to my query as well. Excellent service.