Little Green Lecture Notes

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Book by Pit Hartling ($15.00)

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Little Green Lecture Notes - magic

It's pretty obvious that here at Vanishing Inc. Magic, we're big fans of Pit Hartling. His magic is well considered, excellently constructed and also some of the strongest we perform. To us, Pit Hartling is one of the best close-up magicians in the world. That's why we've acquired as many of the remaining copies of his Little Green Lecture Notes as we could.

Pit Hartling's Little Green Lecture Notes describe five of Pit's favorite card effects. Each is clearly and completely described and illustrated. One trick, Chaos is a virtually self-working trick involving two freely selected cards that completely stumped the experts at the FFFF gathering!
While this booklet is pitched as "Lecture Notes", don't think of it as a poorly produced pamphlet with a few tricks thrown together. Instead, it is a well produced, well written piece of work by a fantastic magician.
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Customer reviews for Little Green Lecture Notes

rohan chitale

This book is excellent I tell you!!!
Chaos!!!You will perform it always!!!
All other tricks are also very goooood!!!
I also have card fictions I now perform Unforgettable and Finger Flicker as well!!!
One of the best magicians in close-up card magic!!!
The name goes to Pit Hartling!!!


Jack McCoy

This is a must-have for any card enthusiast. Pit Hartling is very talented and creates unique and clever magic showpieces.