Live Lecture DVD Set - July-September 2017

DVD by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.
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Live Lecture DVD Set - July-September 2017

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DVD by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. ($39.95)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Live Lecture DVD Set - July-September 2017 - magic

This DVD set is packed some of the top magical creators in the UK! From cards to coffee cups to mentalism, there is something here for everyone!

First we have Tom Elderfield, pretty much the definition of out-of-the-box thinking thanks to his use of everyday objects in new and amazing ways. He started releasing successful products while only a teenager and is known as one of the first magicians to use the Instagram platform to show off his new creative work. Now he is At The Table to tip some of the secrets to his organic gimmicks for the first time! You won't look at straws and coffee cups or even your lunch the same way ever again!

Next, when Richard Osterlind, Banachek, Larry Becker, Kenton Knepper, Marc Salem, and Richard Webster all laud a mentalist's body of work, maybe you should check it out! Marc Spelmann is recognized in the mentalism community as an author, lecturer and creator for over two decades. And over those decades he has held spellbound audiences from corporate clients to celebrities to Royalty! Now he is At The Table to demonstrate material that will baffle and bemuse your audiences for years to come.

Next up, he's a lecturer, magical creator and a professional magician - Dave Loosley does it all, and he's ready to perform incredible material that gets amazing reactions At The Table. And when we say incredible material, we're talking about material that has been developed and honed during 15 years of real-world performances, so you know it's strong and gets the reactions you want. Even better, some of this material has never been released before now, so you are getting a true peek behind the curtain at the repertoire of a working pro. So prepare yourself for the captivating performance and style of a consummate professional doing routines you'll want to start adding immediately!

Paul Gordon is one of the UK's most prolific magic creators and authors. He has been submitting effects to periodicals for nearly 40 years and has published over 40 books! He has traveled the world performing and lecturing for magicians, companies, celebrities, and TV shows, and holds groups in thrall with just a deck of cards. Now that expertise and skill are available to you At The Table!

Haven't heard of Chris Congreave? You won't forget him after this At The Table lecture! Chris is ready to share some of his go-to effects from his 15 years as a professional close-up magician, including his preferred opener and a unique prop that will definitely grab audience attention.

If you haven't heard of Paul Brook, seriously, get out from under that rock! Many consider him to be among the most creative modern mentalists in the world. And he's ready to teach you some of his pet effects, including some from his high-paying trade show. Learn how to promote yourself with business cards while using multiple methods to deceive. He'll also help awaken your creativity and customize your magic to fit your performing style.

These creative forces will knock your socks off and get your mind racing. Don't miss out! Purchase yours today!


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