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Every Ambitious Card routine needs a good ending. This is a great ending.

At the end of an Ambitious Card routine, the performer takes the signed selection and places it in the middle of the deck. He then places the entire deck into the card box, which has a large hole cut out of it. With just a shake, the signed selection amazingly jumps face up to the top of the deck (and can be seen through the hole). It looks amazing and is completely fooling. And everything can be examined, if that's your kinda thing.

You would have seen Cameron Francis's name on a lot of material lately and when someone enters the market like that, it often makes people think that he's just releasing any old crap. This isn't the case with "Loophole" - it's a strong, performance-ready piece of magic that we recommend.

A tip from Vanishing Inc. Magic: at the end of the routine, Cameron produces the three mates of the selection. As that's nowhere near as strong as the actual "Loophole" effect, we suggest you end there!

The DVD comes with gimmicks for a red and a blue box, a few additional handlings plus a bonus effect using a business card.

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