Trick by Magic Tao
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Trick by Magic Tao ($25.00)

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Masquerade - magic

Masquerade is a hard-hitting multi-phase routine that builds and builds to an impossible finale that leaves your audience utterly amazed. An interactive prediction card routine that is sure to keep your audience begging the question, "What if I'd chosen another card?"

You show a prediction envelope at the start and ask your spectator to hold on to it for safe keeping. You then show a deck of cards and cut them roughly in half. The spectator has a free choice of which half to use, leaving you with the other half. You take your respective halves and both take the cards behind your backs, remove one card and turn it upside down, and then place it back into the deck, finally bringing the cards forward.

You now swap packs and ask the spectator to spread your half to show what card is reversed. You then spread their half to show which card they reversed. The two cards are shown to be different and not a match. However, the prediction is retrieved from the beginning and the envelope opened. It contains just two items - two playing cards that are a perfect match for the two reversed cards in the deck!

As a kicker ending, the two reversed cards from the deck are shown to have completely different back designs from the red deck in use, and also different from each other. And then, as a double whammy kicker ending, all of the other cards are turned over and shown to be completely blank!

  • Completely free choice
  • Fully examinable
  • Five different routines

Also explained are variations and different tricks you can perform with Masquerade.

Please note: Masquerade comes with everything you need apart from a blank face deck.


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Masquerade by Magic Tao