Out of Sight Out Of Your Mind

DVD by Gary Jones ($34.95)

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A Classic, simple and direct effect.

The Magician takes a deck of cards and fans them in front of a spectator. They are asked to merely look at, and think of ANY card whilst the magician turns away. Once they have a card in mind, the magician closes the deck and turns back around. With NO questions asked, the Magician deals down to the thought of card. 

  • No guesswork, 
  • No forces
  • No peeks
  • No breaks held 
  • The perfect effect for the working professional! 
  • Made in Bicycle stock

Available in Red or Blue backs

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Customer reviews for Out of Sight Out Of Your Mind

Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the May 2015 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by Peter Duffie

This effect was inspired by Dai Vernon’s classic routine Out of Sight — Out of Mind, which first appeared in Vernon’s More Inner Secrets of Card Magic by Lewis Ganson in 1960. The original was impromptu, using any deck. This version by Gary Jones uses a specially prepared deck that can only really be used for the one trick. But if you have room in your pocket for one extra deck of cards, this very clever version by Jones kills. It is also nearly self-working.
This is one of the best effects I have seen in a long time.