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Ladislas Toubart is a master of cardistry and is regarded as one of the top card flourishers in the world. Outbreak is his debut project, featuring 17 original card flourishes.

Learn Ladislas's signature moves, all explained from multiple angles and in slow-motion, including an easy to follow point-of-view shot.

Plus never before seen moves and concepts by Dimitri, Ryuji, Anthony, and Ryoma.

Outbreak is not only an instructional video teaching original card flourishes, but a tribute to cardistry, and a visual expression of our passion for the art.

Filmed on location by Fran├žois Dubois in an abandoned warehouse in Los Angeles downtown factory district.

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Zach Holder

If you were a cardistry master you could follow along in this DVD but then you wouldn't need the DVD if you were a master at the art. Sometimes no talk teaching is good but not in this case no talk and no caption just basically the performance in slow motion in various angles were some of the angles his hand was cover the cards so you can't see what he's doing. Overall great material just absolutely terrible teaching.