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Card magic is our speciality at Vanishing Inc. Magic. From simple card magic tricks to knuckle busters. Our founders, Josh and Andi, are experts in card magic and this is their passion.

Our concentration is on high-impact, but easy to do card magic tricks. Easy to perform, that is. We offer downloads on every topic imaginable with card magic.

Best Card Magic Tricks

Because we are professional performers, the card magic we care most about is the practical kind. We offer what we believe to be the best card magic out there. Packet tricks, gaffed decks, the method is not as important to us as the effect. Ask any worker and they'll agree. For the purists, we've got you covered too with books and downloads from the most admired and respected card magicians out there. We're sure you'll find something perfect whatever your level of sleight of hand. If not, hop on the live chat or email us and we'll be happy to help you.

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Color Blind Deck Trick
Color Blind Deck
Trick by Gordon Bean - $14.95

With nearly no assistance from the magician, the spectator performs the impossible: Separating the black and red cards from each other, without ever looking at the faces of each card. The kicker comes when the spectator realizes that they've also separated the blue and green cards from the reds and...

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Coup d'Etat DVD
Coup d'Etat
DVD by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $24.95

At the very beginning of the trick, give two small bags to two different spectators and an envelope sealed with a padlock to a third one. The deck is shown and spectators can see it is normal and mixed. You ask one of the spectators to remix the deck. The deck is turned over then...

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Red Pill DVD or download
Red Pill
DVD or download by Chris Ramsay - DVD $19.95 or download for $15.95

Two effects from Chris Ramsay's working repertoire.  An interactive routine which guarantees to surprise your audience. RED PILL: Two decks are presented to two spectators. One open pack of blue cards and one sealed deck of red ones. The sealed deck is placed within one of...

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Wheabster's JOT DVD
Wheabster's JOT
DVD by Wheabester - $34.95

In the debut effect from Wheabster, Inked dots, drawn on a chosen playing card travel visually to the very centre of the card in an instant. The card is then handed back to your spectator for examination. Jot is an original method for a concept previously explored by Ollie G Smith....

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Flutter DVD
DVD by Rizki Nanda - $34.95

A spectator selects a card and examines it front and back before signing and isolating it, in their very own hands. Another card is selected and a marked sticker is placed on the back of this card. The sticker, with no cover, very slowly disappears right before your...

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Magical Plunger Trick
Magical Plunger
Trick by Tenyo Magic - $24.95

When this trick was first released, magicians around the world could not stop singing its praises. It's a first-rate card routine that is unique, fun, baffling, and best of all, easy to master. We have added something new to the gimmick, making it more natural and reliable to perform. ...

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Ghost Camera Trick
Ghost Camera
Trick by Tenyo Magic - $24.95

Invisible objects appear in a photo! The camera is completely ungimmicked so you can borrow a spectator's smartphone to take the photo. This cutting-edge trick will captivate audiences because it is both timely and baffling. The spectator selects a card, returns it to the deck, and...

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Recollector DVD
DVD by Miguel Angel Gea - $9.95

The card to box trick is a staple in card magic and is coveted by magi all over the world. Now Miguel Gea has taken the card to box plot and added a powerful punch to make the final card to box phase clean and visually unexplainable. Two cards are simply secured in your card box,...

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A Long For The Ride Trick
A Long For The Ride
Trick by Peter Nardi - $22.75

Along For The Ride is a fun new effect from Peter Nardi using four Bicycle backed jokers. Two jokers are held by your spectator and two are held by the magician. The magician explains that the jokers from his hands will vanish and appear in his spectator's hand. Both...

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The Thick Card Project DVD or download
The Thick Card Project
DVD or download by Liam Montier - $30.00

Thick Card - a double thick playing card used as a locator card, a peek device, an automatic double lift facilitator, a break-less control gaff and a sleight free forcing machine! The thick card is one of the most overlooked and underused gaffs in magic. Simple and inexpensive to...

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Reshuffled Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Reshuffled
Trick by Pedro Morillo - $25.00

"Killer Ending! I can't wait to try Reshuffled on my clients" Paul Gertner "Pedro's effect is the best handling of Paul Gertner's classic and so clean it would fool anyone." R. Paul Wilson Every once in a while, you see an effect that is so astounding that you just can’t get it out of your...

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Impale DVD
DVD by Nicholas Lawrence and Jason Yu - $39.95

Imagine having a sharpie marker gently touch a deck of cards, only to have it start sinking through the deck like a hot knife melting through butter.  While your audience is in utter ashtonishment by the impossible visual, you pull the sharpie out and dump out the entire deck of cards from...

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Phantom Trick
Trick by Peter Eggink - $34.95

Phantom is a specially engendered utility gimmick that you can carry with you everywhere you go. This new secret weapon allows you to perform killer effects such as the "Haunted Deck" and "Rising Card" like NEVER before. Use any deck, any time at anywhere, without gimmicked cards, Sleight of hand,...

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Twisted Sisters 2.0   DVD
Twisted Sisters 2.0
DVD by John Bannon - $15.00

Twisted Sisters is a diabolical effect from the creative mind of John Bannon and is one of magic's all time best-sellers.  With a clear and incredibly powerful effect and a method ingenious in its simplicity, this modern day classic will simply blow your audience away. And, what might be...

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Guy Hollingworth's Renovations Book
Guy Hollingworth's Renovations
Book by Guy Hollingworth - $20.00

It's a really, really, really big deal when Guy Hollingworth releases new material. He is one of our favorite close-up magicians and he hasn't released anything completely new in a very long time (his wonderful DVDs are a re-release of his previous work). The good news is that these lecture notes...

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Stephen Hobbs' Technical Toolbox DVD and book set or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Stephen Hobbs' Technical Toolbox
DVD and book set or download by Stephen Hobbs - DVD $49.95 or download for $49.95

Beginning in January of 2014, Stephen Hobbs – author of Modus Operandi: The Magic of Jack Carpenter, Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing, and The Essential Sol Stone – commenced a project that was heralded to be both crazy and impossible: an online web ‘zine to be released every week for...

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Revolution Trick
Trick by Gregory Wilson - $34.95

Spinning a small item on the tip of your finger is a visceral display of skill, control and years of masterful discipline. But, who has time for all that?! Revolution shortcuts the years of practice and allows you to look like a Shaolin Spin-Fu Master in just minutes. Gregory Wilson's...

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A Thought Well Stolen Book or download
A Thought Well Stolen
Book or download by Ben Harris - $30.00

A Thought Well Stolen combines two of magic’s great card effects — Any Card At Any Number, and a matching deck routine — into a wicked hybrid; morphing them into a mind-blowing frenzy. Can you even imagine what this resultant offspring would look like? As in Any Card At Any Number, the...

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YES Trick
Trick by Pavel - $29.95

Based on a principle by Pavel. This easy to do effect seems so simple. All your participant has to do is clip one of the cards which has 'yes' written on the back. But however hard they try, they cannot do it! Pavel unfortunately passed away in 2011 but his certainly left his mark on the magic...

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The Bound Deck DVD
The Bound Deck
DVD by Juan Luis Rubiales - $50.00

An incredible coincidence effect performed under impossible conditions. You divide a deck in two and bind each portion so that it becomes a book of cards.  The spectator chooses a card from one book. Dealing through the books simultaneously the chosen card falls at the exact same position as...

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Insight Trick
Trick by Hugo Shelley - $588.00

The Insight system includes a miniature wrist-worn reader and a deck of 52 electronic playing cards. The smallest RFID reader available, Insight can detect playing cards at up to 11cm (4.5 in) away. A simple vibration cue will tell you the suit and value of the card within seconds. ...

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Wonderbox DVD
DVD by SansMinds - $24.95

Transform a deck of cards into coins, sweets, or anything you can think of. Or make the entire deck vanish!  Perform a card effect. Finish it. Put the deck away. Bring out something else. Perform a different effect. Ever thought about making the transition a lot more interesting? Imagine...

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Tour de Force DVD
Tour de Force
DVD by Michael O'Brian - $19.95

Tour de Force is an in-the-hands Triumph that has been streamlined and simplified so that not only is it easy to perform, but the moves are also extremely natural and virtually undetectable. Michael goes into details on how to perform the Tour de Force Triumph, as well as five variations of the...

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Dai Vernon Seminar DVD
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Dai Vernon Seminar
DVD by Roberto Giobbi - $45.00

Dai Vernon is, arguably, the most influential magician of the 20th century. Yet the man and his material remain largely misunderstood. In this unprecedented two-disc, three-hour seminar, Roberto Giobbi explores what makes Dai Vernon's magic so special.  Recorded live in the UK,...

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Mail Shot Trick
Mail Shot
Trick by Chris Congreave - $24.95

During a card routine of your choice you show an envelope that came with a mail shot you received in the post. Inside is a free sample of a playing card. Unbelievably, this is the spectators signed (or thought of) card! No palming required. Specially designed...

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