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Card magic is our speciality at Vanishing Inc. Magic. From simple card magic tricks to knuckle busters. Our founders, Josh and Andi, are experts in card magic and this is their passion.

Our concentration is on high-impact, but easy to do card magic tricks. Easy to perform, that is. We offer downloads on every topic imaginable with card magic.

Hologram DVD
DVD by David Stone - $34.95

The spectator freely chooses a card that is "marked" on the back with a yellow sticker. You clearly lose the card in the deck and shuffle. Then you explain that you are going to make the card appear on the top... and thanks to the sticker, everyone will see it! Indeed, with no...

Souvenir DVD
DVD by Henri White - $32.50

"Beautiful, elegant & totally impossible!" Nicholas Lawrence A chosen card is signed by the spectator, the centre of the card is torn out and the very same card is then visibly linked onto the stem of a borrowed wine glass. The linked card and the glass can then be fully...

Stand Up Assembly Trick
Stand Up Assembly
Trick by Vernet - $18.00

This version of 'Assembly' allows you to do one of the legendary classics of card magic now in a parlor or stage situation and amaze an audience from 30 to 300 spectators! Ultra visual No fancy moves No double faces cards No double index cards Red backs It's ideal...

Anniversary Waltz Trick
Anniversary Waltz
Trick by Garrett Thomas and Doc Eason - $19.95

Doc Eason calls Anniversary Waltz "the strongest card trick known to man." This modern day classic has an emotional connection. The effect it creates is so powerful that women have been known to cry after seeing it. Now, Doc and Garrett Thomas team up to bring you all of the touches on the classic...

Apollo Ascending DVD
Apollo Ascending
DVD by Apollo Riego - $29.95 NOW $14.97 (SAVE $14.98)

Levitation effects are memorable and powerful. The floating card has been around for a long time but this new method opens new doors for the effect and we think that you'll have a lot of fun playing around with this one! Apollo Riego from New York, presents a levitating card effect that...

52 Shades of Red - Version 2 (Gimmicks Included) DVD
52 Shades of Red - Version 2 (Gimmicks Included)
DVD by Shin Lim - $69.95

Winner of AGT, Shin Lim, shares a masterpieceShin Lim initially shared 52 Shades of Red with the magic world. Everyone was hooked because it looked just like real magic. Impossible, beautiful and magical. Version 2 is now released and it’s just as good as we’d hoped for. What you...

The Foundation DVD
The Foundation
DVD by SansMinds - $34.95 NOW $17.47 (SAVE $17.48)

The Foundation takes you through through the essentials that you can use in the real world and impress at a moment's notice.  We break down all the moves in great detail so that everything is covered, making it extremely easy to follow along. We'll help build your card arsenal so...

Implausibilities DVD or download
DVD or download by Hudson Taylor - $24.95

Hudson Taylor really impressed us when he showed us his amazing color change. What's more, he is a great magician and a genuine and clever individual. His magic is always worth watching and we are happy to offer his latest collection of material. His take on the ACAAN plot is definitely worth your...

Decon Trick
Trick by Danny Weiser - $30.00 NOW $13.50 (SAVE $16.50)

A very bizzare trick in which the deck instantly goes back into the box as you manage to find a selection, or the jokers. The best way to understand this is to watch the trailer. This could be effectively applied to time travel routines. Supplied with custom gimmick....

Unbound: Gimmickless Invisible Deck DVD or download
Unbound: Gimmickless Invisible Deck
DVD or download by Darryl Davis - $24.95

The classic Invisible Deck is one of the best card tricks in the world. Darryl Davis has modified the method so that it now requires nothing more than a standard deck of cards which can even be borrowed, if you wish. Toss your gimmicked Invisible Decks to the side, because Darryl strips away all...

The Count DVD
The Count
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $19.95

This hands-off miracle has a myriad of different versions taught. The spectator selects a card in the fairest possible manner. They deal down from a shuffled, borrowed deck and stop where they wish. The selected card is lost by the spectator further into the middle of the pack. Without...

Over This World DVD
Over This World
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $19.95 NOW $9.97 (SAVE $9.98)

A shuffled deck is handed to the spectator. They remove a card from anywhere in the deck. Without looking at, or touching the cards the magician is able to name the color of the card. This is repeated as many times as you wish. The magician then starts to separate all the black cards from...

Stephen Hobbs Labyrinth Book
Stephen Hobbs Labyrinth
Book by Stephen Hobbs - $60.00

Limited edition reprint of Stephen Hobbs' underground, and fabulous, magazine from the 1990s: Labyrinth. Less than 100 copies of each issue were originally printed, so the material will be new to virtually all of you. The book is 456 pages, hardcover with a 3-piece binding, printed on acid...

The Rough and Smooth Project DVD
The Rough and Smooth Project
DVD by Lawrence Turner - $35.00

Lawrence Turner knows a thing or two about 'roughing'. With over 10 years of experience, and a wildly successful lecture programme dedicated to the art of roughing cards, he is the 'go to guy' for all things rough 'n smooth. On this project Lawrence will arm you with everything you need to know to...

The One 2.0 DVD
The One 2.0
DVD by Anthony Stan - $24.95

With this method, you can switch a folded card in a cleanest and simplest way. Imagine a folded card on the table (under a glass for example) or in the spectator's hand. This card will not move until the revelation and will remain visible during the trick. A freely and signed card...

Runaway Joker (2nd Edition) Trick
Runaway Joker (2nd Edition)
Trick by Peter Nardi - $22.75 NOW $11.37 (SAVE $11.38)

A deck of cards is spread face-up, then face-down to show normal cards. The Joker is removed and placed onto the table. A spectator makes a completely free selection and signs their name across the card's face, then cuts her card into the deck several times, ensuring her selection is lost. ...

GAME DVD or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive GAME
DVD or download by Luke Jermay - $29.99

Roberto Giobbi, Michael Weber, R Paul Wilson, Daniel Madison, John Archer, Asi Wind have all played Jermay's "GAME" and now it's your turn ... "GAME" is Jermay's professional handling of Dai Vernon's classic "Trick That Cannot Be Explained" that brings this previously opaque, challenging, and...

Johnny Thompson's Magic Made Easy DVD or download
Johnny Thompson's Magic Made Easy
DVD or download by Johnny Thompson - $29.95 NOW $13.50 (SAVE $16.45)

In the world of magic, there's no one who is held in higher esteem than Johnny Thompson. As a performer, he's traveled all over the world performing on some of its most prestigious stages and has appeared on network television numerous times. As a creator and advisor, his advice and counsel have...

Mastermind Trick
Trick by Chris Kenworthey - $31.95

Chris Kenworthey's Mastermind (Any Card at Any Number) has been featured by Kreskin on both "The David Letterman Show" and "Live with Regis and Kathy Lee." Many top performers  have stunned audiences using this powerful weapon in their daily work. Mastermind is now finally available in...

Marvellous Multiplying Boxes Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Marvellous Multiplying Boxes
Trick by Matthew Wright - $45.00

The UK's Matthew Wright has won virtually every award possible in magic, and we're proud of our first collaboration with him, The Marvelous Multiplying Card Box. This routine comes straight from his award winning FISM act. This is a slick way to begin your act or you can use it before...

Great Big Sidewalk Shuffle Trick
Great Big Sidewalk Shuffle
Trick by Martin Lewis - $29.95

Martin's classic effect. Even after 30 years, this is still being used by magicians across the world. In the first two phases three blank cards and an ace are shown. A blank is placed aside facedown, and the ace is put between the other two blanks. A spectator fails to find the ace...

Peking Revelation Trick
Peking Revelation
Trick by Devin Knight and Sid Lorraine - $14.95

Reveal the identity of multiple cards in a novel and funny manner. One person cuts the deck and removes five cards, or five people can each take a card. Regardless, none of these cards are shown to the performer. The performer removes a letter from his pocket written in...

Pieces Trick
Trick by Christian Engblom - $30.00 NOW $15.00 (SAVE $15.00)

Finland's Christian Englbom certainly caught everyone's attention with this Triumph routine at the Genii convention. It was created after a challenge from Juan Tamariz to create the cleanest, most natural looking Triumph effect possible and we think he solved that in spades! One moment he spreads...

Cupid DVD
DVD by SansMinds - $34.95 NOW $17.47 (SAVE $17.48)

Cupid is a fun and interactive piece of magic created by the SansMinds Creative Lab. Imagine being able to manipulate the ink of a bow and arrow drawing inches away from the spectator's eyes. Just before the spectators can digest the impossible moment, you shoot out the arrow and it goes...

Eric Jones Set: Mirage et Trois and Extension of Me DVD
Eric Jones Set: Mirage et Trois and Extension of Me
DVD by Eric Jones - $39.95

Bundled together this set includes Mirage et Trois by Eric Jones DVD and An Extension of Me by Eric Jones DVD set with gimmick coin bonus. Imagine three coins being produced before your very eyes one at a time from thin air, traversing from hand to hand at the fingertips and then...