Peking Revelation

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Trick by Devin Knight and Sid Lorraine ($14.95)

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Peking Revelation - magic

Reveal the identity of multiple cards in a novel and funny manner.

One person cuts the deck and removes five cards, or five people can each take a card. Regardless, none of these cards are shown to the performer.

The performer removes a letter from his pocket written in Chinese. He says this is from his Chinese magician friend, Foo Ling Yoo. The performer says the names of the five selected cards are written in the letter. From that moment on, the laughs come fast and quick with amusing comedy patter that will get laughs from even the most harden audiences.

By quickly folding the paper, the performer PLAINLY reveals the names of all five selected cards printed on the paper. Nothing left to the imagination; the cards are plainly visible much to the amazement of the audience. The final revelation is the most amazing of all.

Includes prefolded paper and master template for making more copies.

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