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Finland's Christian Englbom certainly caught everyone's attention with this Triumph routine at the Genii convention. It was created after a challenge from Juan Tamariz to create the cleanest, most natural looking Triumph effect possible and we think he solved that in spades! One moment he spreads the deck to show a complete mix of face-up and face-down cards and then with no funny movements, he spreads the deck again to show that all of the cards are face-down except the selection. It's that clean!

We know that magic trailers don't always give you a full performance so opted to film our own. We had Christian sit directly in front of the camera to show us just how good this looks. And as you'll see, it looks fantastic!

The method is unlike anything we have seen before. There are no difficult sleights, misprinted cards, or strangely printed gimmicks. This is a new approach to the classic plot and it may well become the way that many of magic's best perform Triumph.

Comes with gimmick and online instructions.

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Customer reviews for Pieces

Ivor Kirkwood

This is the BEST Triumph I've ever seen! When the change happens. it fools myself! I love it!


Ed Baker

An amazing effect with a phonemail gimmick! this is the cleanest Triumph I've ever seen! I'm really happy with it!


Emyr Davies

Wonderful! I love that I could make this into my favorite deck!


Victor Boyd

As the above reviews mention, this is amazing! i'm super happy with it!