Portal (Moving Hole)

Trick by Lyndon Jugalbot ($34.95)

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Teleport nothing. literally. Cause a hole to move from one object to another!

The spectator is asked to select a card. The card is selected and signed.

The performer hands the card and ask the spectator to hold it between his hands.

A card is introduced by the performer with a little hole on it. The performer tells the spectator that the small hole will go to the card of the spectator. When the performer shakes the card, suddenly something unexpected happens: from the small hole on the card there will be a big hole. The performer takes the card with the big hole and makes the hole disappear from it.

When the spectator opens his hands, on his signed card there is the big hole which disappeared from the other card!

  • Portal is an easy to do highly visual piece of magic 
  • Portal comes with a precision made gimmick.
  • The spectator can examine everything at the end.
  • Easy to do.
  • Multiple variations on the DvD
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