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Random Acts of Magic - magic

David Acer is both hilarious, and a great writer. This combination makes for an easy read.

There are 59 magic items in the book, and this excludes all sleights that are taught within the routines. That's right; a massive load of magic!

Acer is a commercial, comedy magician. I was a bit afraid that the routines wouldn't be for me, since I am by no means a commercial magician. Wrong I was. David Acer also does brilliant sleight of hand. Many of his routines are easy, but there are some that will definitely take practice.

Something that all routines in this book share, is that the effect is always direct and easy to understand. You’ll find astonishing tricks with cards, coins, markers, cell phones, matchbooks, matches, receipts, elastics, bottles, balls, bills, wallets, ties, spoons and finger rings, plus anecdotes and road stories!

One of my personal favorites in this book is a routine called "Overtime". It's a really easy gem that will fool anyone, though I'd say that it works best in front of your magic buddies.

The book doesn't only contain sleights and routines; the last chapter is devoted to 12 essays written for Genii magazine, titled "Confessions of a Road Warrior". These essays were really entertaining, and I didn't put the book down once.

A really fun read that you will love!

Reviewed by Erik.

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