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Trick by Marchand de Trucs and Maxime Schucht ($29.95)

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Are ESP symbols or playing cards falling flat with the younger generation? Hit them with something that will relate; hit them with Social Networks!

You will get 50 cards that designed to emphasize emoticons and digital communication. These will allow you to perform all your old ESP-card routines, but with new emphasis for a younger generation. In addition, each card is marked, allowing an even broader range of effects.

Two hours of video instruction accompanies this unique set of cards. This instruction stresses updating your routines for use with Social Networks, and includes an effective peek as well as the following five routines:

  • TIMELINE: The mentalist correctly determines the emotions a spectator tries to convey to a friend, and then guesses the name of that friend.
  • OUT OF THIS DIGITAL WORLD: A spectator is able to complete a miraculous task while being distracted by notifications. (You will have access to a video specially created for this routine.)
  • OBSESSION: You will immerse the spectator in an emotional state in an unnerving experiment with a surprise twist.
  • EMPATHY: The mentalist takes a picture of himself while acting out a particular and posts it. The spectator chooses the correct emotion based on their intuition.
  • MIRROR EMPATHY: Two spectators guess each other's emotions.
So update those tired effects today with Social Networks!

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