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Now this is clever. On other sites you'll read mildly deceptive ad copy, which isn't fair. So let us try to give you a fair description of the effect, because it's really good. Although you don't get much information from the trailer, it goes like this: someone chooses a card at random. Using this card as a sort of starting point, the magician guides the spectator through steps to land on a new card. This is a really clever procedure...to use a secretly known card to "associate it" to a seemingly thought-of card. There are nuances to it, and they are all well-explained. We really enjoyed the thinking behind this, and think it's something everyone can use.

A prediction is made and untouched from start to finish. The spectator is asked to think of a card. This is all done in their own mind without the use of any decks or extra props. They then change their mind so it is even more impossible for you to know their thoughts. After making a few decisions and having one card in mind, they name the chosen card. You reach into your wallet to show a single card and that your prediction is correct.

  • No Decks Used
  • Use Your Own Wallet
  • Easy To Do
  • Takes Up No Extra Pocket Space
  • In Your Wallet And Ready To Go At All Times
Running Time Approximately: 33 min
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