Trick by Dave Forrest ($29.95)

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It's not often a brand new method comes along but STAR is completely unlike ANY other T&R card on the market - it's a whole new approach! And, Dave's breakthrough method allows for some of the cleanest restorations ever seen in T&R methodology. By simply touching the torn pieces together, they instantly restore without cover of any kind - it looks like the real deal!

Usually, A new breakthrough method for the T&R card effect! You'll LOVE the method - it's SO DEVIOUS yet so VISUAL and it really won't take that long to get the hang of it!

This DVD contains 50 minutes of in depth tuition, shot entirely in HD for incredbly sharp picture and audio quality. All the phases of the routine are taught thoroughly and from the viewers perspective - what you see on screen is what your hands should be doing - making the whole routine an absolute breeze to learn!

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Customer reviews for Star

Josh Ferguson

WOW!! I love this T&R routine!!!

The ad-copy is genuine, this is truly an original method for torn and restored and it is a good method! Wait, let me rephrase that, this is a FANTASTIC method! STAR by Dave Forrest is classic Forrest thinking and my go-to T&R routine.

You WILL perform this!