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Supermagic - magic

Look! Up in the sky. It's a Goshman. It's a Dingle. NO, it's – SUPER MAGIC! This book is about a strange being from the West Coast possessing miraculous skills and incredible ideas.

SUPER MAGIC. Able to create innovative routines at a single bound. Faster than a speeding billet. More powerful than a gross of TV Magic Cards. And who, disguised as Paul Harris, a mild mannered close-up worker, continues to fight a never-ending battle for better effects, stronger presentations, and the American magician's way of life.

SUPER MAGIC is one of Paul Harris' greatest books on close-up magic. It features such super routines as: The Ultimate Rip-off, Las Vegas Split, Hi Ho Silver, The Torn Restored Coin, The Ace Trap and The Library Card.

134 pages - Softbound

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