The Count

DVD by Alex Pandrea ($19.95)

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This hands-off miracle has a myriad of different versions taught. 

The spectator selects a card in the fairest possible manner. They deal down from a shuffled, borrowed deck and stop where they wish. The selected card is lost by the spectator further into the middle of the pack. Without touching the deck, the magician has complete control of the selected card and knows it's exact location. The spectator names a number and the selected card is found at that number.

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Customer reviews for The Count

Matthew Kitlinski

I use this trick all the time. There are no gimmicks involved, and the spectator can do the routine for you.

This is Classic magic trick, it is for sure One of the cleanest and easiest card at any number Magic trick.

If you are looking or something compact easy, clean and strong then this is it!