The Nikola Card System

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The Nikola Card System - magic
The Nikola Card System The Nikola Card System The Nikola Card System The Nikola Card System

The Nikola Card System details an improved card system that allows you to accomplish miracles. This system is more useful and more fooling than simpler stacks such as Si Stebbins or Eight Kings, and makes possible effects like measring cards by weight, spelling to a selected card, and so much more! Instruction is even provided on how to manipulate the deck without disturbing the system.

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Section I Argument: why the new system

Section II Curriculum: how the system works

  • Illustration
  • Acquire Facility In the Use
  • Whist or Bridge
  • Spelling Bee
  • Poker

Section 3 Utility

  • Stop: to apparently count the cards in riffling
  • Cards by Weight
  • Weighing Chosen Cards
  • The Sense of Touch
  • Human Magnetism
  • Locating
  • Spelling
  • To Spell Any Card Called For
  • Thought Anticipated
  • Unconscious Thought Transmission
  • Wizard's Whist
  • All Trumps
  • To Name the Pack in Order, Without Looking At It, Either From the Top or from the Bottom
  • To Pick Out Any Card Called For Behind the Back
  • To Pick Out a Card Chosen and Replaced
  • To Produce Cards Called For From the Pocket
  • To Name the Bottom Cards of a Number of Heaps By Looking at the Top Cards
  • A Subtle Game: the pack does not have to be pre-arranged

Section 4 Appendix

  • False Shuffling
  • The Charlier Shuffle
  • The Overhand Shuffle
  • The Overhand Shuffle B
  • Riffling
  • Forcing
  • Forcing By Numbers
  • To Exchange Packs
  • The Telepathogram: effect with two packs
  • The Flight: to make a chosen card held by spectator to fly to somewhere in the room

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