The Secret Weapon (Jean-Pierre Vallerino)

Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallerino ($29.95)

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Imagine this... From a borrowed, shuffled deck, you are able to reveal a freely selected card in spite of the fact that the spectator has controlled everything.

  • Easy to do
  • No loading or magnets
  • Can be done in any situation 

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Customer reviews for The Secret Weapon (Jean-Pierre Vallerino)

This is one routine where the customer should be in formed about the mess generated by performing the trick. In the end you have grease on the cards, on the close up pad, and on you. You are left with a mess that can get on the spectator's clothing. Nothing is stated about making a mess. The description should be more forthright. If it were, I don't think anyone would buy this trick.


steve satterlee

Worthless trick. Misleading advertising.