The Story Deck

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Book by Luke Jermay ($15.99)

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The Story Deck - magic

The story deck is a classic demonstration in card magic. It has stood the test of time. From the famous Sam The Bellhop (brought to life by Bill Malone's rendition) to story decks from memorized stacks, the plot has become a classic, yet underused idea in magic.

Unlike other story decks though, Luke Jermay doesn't just provide a story. Here he provides new concepts. He provides all the insight into presenting the story deck to a modern audience.

Including fresh new presentational points, a presentation especially designed for mentalists and a new approach to shuffling the deck during the story being told. This is a new way to tell a story with a normal deck of playing cards.

This is a professional routine perfect for the performer looking for a highly entertaining, novel and audience-tested addition to their shows; whether they be presented from a stage, in walkaround or just for friends and family.

54 pages. 4.5" x 7" - Softcover

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