Tommy Wonder's Rubik's Card

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Trick by Tommy Wonder ($75.00)

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Tommy Wonder's Rubik's Card - magic

The magician shows a box with fifteen cubes inside. These cubes have in their faces lots of cards all mixed up. The artist says he will try to put together a card in a record time and closes the box. 

The magician take a deck of cards, asks a spectator to select one of them and not show this card. The artist concentrates and reaches the important moment: asks the viewer to show your card and incredibly when opening the box, the spectator's card is formed in the faces of the cubes !!!

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Customer reviews for Tommy Wonder's Rubik's Card

Jason Harris

This has to be one of the worst items I have ever purchased. It is so bad, I do not even want it sitting with my magic items so will be getting rid of it instantly. I expected a very high quality prop with Tommy Wonder's name being but on it, but it is a disgrace to an amazing magicians name.

Firstly, the box itself is made of cheap wood and is very poorly constructed. It looks like some scrap wood was cut up and glued together with no care that the sides fit together properly. Then when you open the box, it is even worse. The individual cubes are very poorly made with pieces of paper just taped to the sides. Each piece of paper with a part of a card has been cut in a rush and then tapped down. The sides of the paper are uneven and I even have one that just has the writing "US playing card" on it. Its not even a section of a card! On each, you can see the jagged end of the tape.

For the price of this, I was hoping to get a nice prop with care and detail put in to the making of it like the incredible Mikame wooden pieces. However, this is a pile of rubbish that I would never want to use in a show. It would be an embarrassment to pull this out infant of an audience. Very, very disappointing.


Thomas Freppert

I agree with every word in Jason Harris ' review. This item is crap. Soooo disappointed when I saw what I got for my hard earned $75. I want my money back. Would send it back to V.Inc if I could find the damn thing. I pitched it somewhere in a corner pretty much right out of the box.