Too Hot For The Devil

Book by Tom Gagnon and Matthew Field ($60.00)

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Too Hot For The Devil - magic

Following the publication of his highly acclaimed book Avant-Cards, Tom Gagnon shares some of his most cherished secrets in his newest release Too Hot for the Devil.

Co-authored with Matthew Field, this hardbound book of close-up magic contains 215 pages, 746 stunning illustrations, and includes 61 exceptional tricks, original sleights, and routines using cards, coins, matches, and cups and balls. Completing the first class production is a linen, foil-embossed, cover and spine, and a stunning full-color, film-laminated dust jacket.

Contents of Too Hot for the Devil include:

  • Mechanical Spread Control
  • Invisible Fingertip Switch
  • Forty-One Cent Assembly
  • Sliding Jinx Switch
  • Radical Rebound
  • Z-Box
  • Slug-o-matic Deck
  • Shuffling Monkey
  • Slider
  • Coin Assembly for Connoisseurs
  • Empty Cup move
  • One Card Ribbon Spread Pass
  • And much nore!

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