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Technology today is at its peak in amazing feats and is only getting more impressive, so it's hard to sway the average heckler with a simple snap change. When technology can do so many extraordinary things, how do you make people open their eyes in disbelief at something? Here is one answer- an incredibly modern change which gives the illusion that you have control over ink!

All that is about to change, as Tremble will cause your audience members to do a double take in amazement. You will be able to make any prediction, drawing, or ink slowly appear and vibrate on a card with no sleight of hand - as if the ink had a mind of its own. There are no flaps, magnets, angles, or thick cards to worry about. It's a single card that you can then hand out later.

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Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the July 2015 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by John Wilson

If you’re looking for a very visual revelation, you would do well to consider this effect. Some attention will be required in devising a presentation that makes sense and in cleaning up the gimmick, but these should be simple enough problems to solve and well worth the effort.