Triple C

Trick by Christian Engblom ($30.00)

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Christian Engblom is a fantastic creatpor of amazing and clever magic. "Triple C" is his latest project and it is FANTASTIC.

Imagine this... you have a card selected and returned back into the deck by the spectator. They then shuffle as much as the like. You then turn to their friend and ask what card they are thinking of. They guess it EXACTLY right!

1/3 the fat but all the awesomeness, Christian Engblom (1/3 of the Fat Brothers) is now sharing his most prized SECRET... a secret that he has kept for 24 years. It's that good. It will take some practice and is not always easy BUT the reward that you'll draw is being able to do completely IMPOSSIBLE, hands-off looking card magic in ANY situation.

  • Triple C, the CLEANEST looking way to control a single card or several cards.
  • This is NOT a Stripper Deck.
  • This is a true utility deck that can be used as a normal deck. It can withstand close inspection.

Even magicians that KNOW it is gaffed have trouble finding it.

"Triple C puts expert card technique and miracles at your fingertips."R Paul Wilson
"Christian always has very nice, interesting, and clever ideas. This one is VERY practical-- believe me." Juan Tamariz
"Triple C should be re-named: Triple I; Ingenious, Innovative and Incredible. Triple C is beyond words." Howard Hamburg
"Triple C is a wonderful utility tool that enables you to perform a variety of deceptive routines absolutely effortlessly." Jason England, Gambling Expert

Available in Red or Blue backs (Bicycle)


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Richard Tuckerman

Great! BUT be prepared for a serious learning curve. For me, it was comparable to the time and effort needed to memorizing a deck.