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Unshuffled - magic

Show a mixed pack, give a wave of the hand and instantly the deck is UNSHUFFLED! Similar effects take years to master with a normal deck but with UNSHUFFLED you will be doing it right away! A utility deck that can be used for impressive, nearly self working effects or combined with standard card sleights, technique, and theory for more impact.

Over 60 minutes of instruction covering...

  • Various visual deck changes & reveals
  • "Pick A Card" effects
  • The vanishing of a card
  • Details for use in walkaround shows
  • Creating multiple decks from an UNSHUFFLED Pack
  • Additional effects

The perfect logical kicker to your card set, ace cutting routine, oil and water and more.

Includes a 60-minute DVD and a pack of red United States Playing Card Company Bicycle brand cards.

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