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From a concept by Luke Dancy, "The Wowlett" allows you to perform card to wallet like never before. At last Katsuya Masuda's Wow Gimmick is made logical and completely invisible.

Important: the Wow Gimmick is sold separately and not included with this wallet.

In effect, the performer has two cards selected and returned to the deck. The cards then vanish. The magician now picks up his wallet, that has been sitting on the table throughout and opens it to show the first selection INSIDE the plastic window of the wallet. Now for the kicker that makes this unique: the magician now holds the wallet close to the spectator as they see the first card VISIBLY MORPH into the second SIGNED selection! This is reputation making magic at it's best.

  • The custom-made wallet is designed to fit a Wow gimmick (sold separately)
  • The wallet is small and can fit in any pocket
  • Made from real leather
  • Includes multiple routines

Remember that you'll need a Wow Gimmick to use this wallet.

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Quentin Green

A really smart idea! Makes a weird but yet fooling gimmick make sense!