4-D Surprise

Trick by Tenyo Magic ($55.00)

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In front of your audience, you assemble two plates and a semi-transparent box. They can clearly see that there is nothing inside the box. However, when you raise the box, a Statue of Liberty figurine magically appears in the empty space! It has always been a magician's dream to make a solid object appear from nowhere. The ingenious creator Lubor Fiedler has finally made this magical dream come true. Your audiences will shriek in surprise when they see the Statue of Liberty appear. This is an extraordinarily visual, brand-new effect, the likes of which have never been seen before.

English instructions included.

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Customer reviews for 4-D Surprise

Arman Diav

Lubor Fiedler is a genius, and I would be anything with his name on it. In particular, this is one of the strongest Tenyo effects. I was fooled by the method, but don't worry, it's easy to do. Lovely item and worth getting and using!