Air Dancing

DVD by Higpon ($24.95)

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Borrow a bill from a spectator. Place the bill on your hand and with a wave, it will begin to float and fly into air. It will spin to your right and left and even behind your head. The magician will be able to control it where ever he/she wants. More interestingly, the bill flutters, as if it is weightless. The way the bill animates is very different to other effects we have seen.

The bill will land back into the magicians hand. He/she will show both hands empty and give back the bill.

  • You will be able to perform with any thin object such as business cards, reciepts etc.
  • Very visual.
  • Easy to do with a little practice.
  • Sets up under 30 seconds.
  • Easy to carry around cover included.
  • 10 sets of repairable material included.
Instructional DVD and one set of gimmicks
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