Apocalypse 2.0

Trick by Jean Pierre Vallarino ($39.95)

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You take a portfolio out of your pocket and insist that there is an envelope containing a prediction. The envelope exceeds the portfolio so everyone can see it.

You ask the spectators to place on the table about ten items belonging to them (lighter, card, phone, coin, hamster... anything is possible!)

You now invite the spectators to freely remove the objects one by one. Their choice is completely free! They can even change their choice as many times as they want! There will only be one object left on the table, the one that is written on the prediction in the envelope!

  • No force 
  • No palming 
  • Of course, no accomplice! 
  • The choice is totally free 
  • Objects are those of your spectators 
  • The portfolio is on the table the whole time 
  • Includes the portfolio and DVD

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